Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 2.161: Going for Goldie (and White-Tail)

Some images from Exile #3's birthday. First thing this morning E5N1 helped with the present unwrapping:

E5N1 likes to help

At noon the girls from her class started arriving. The rain held off until they all left (just like last year). They spent a good deal of the time outside, but (unlike last year) also retreated to Exile #3's room. I found this on the floor outside when I investigated:

Do Not com in EiKsaPt FOOR PARtte GRlls (Do not come in except for party girls)

Later, the cake made a starring appearance.

It's not quite Damien Hirst

After the party, we went to buy fish to put in the tank that we prepared late last night and presented to Exile #3 this morning. After looking at every type of fish, Exile #3 finally decided. "I like these ones," she said slightly sheepishly. Fair enough. They were all of 13 cents each. The aquarium and the trappings were donated by the mother of one of the birthday girl's classmates. This one is called Goldie, the other one is White-Tail. 26 cents (plus tax) well spent!


One of the party girls gave her a ribbon-on-a-stick for dancing (or rhythmic gymnastics possibly). She gave an enthusiastic, if inexpert recital for me after tea.

Arrhythmic gymnastics

It's pop pun 101 for title watchers - a nod to today's celebration and where I might have liked to spend it. (I know it's been a long time since PP 100, but...) I never said never, ever - you took the words right out of my mouth.

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