Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 2.153: Rained, ate...

After yesterday turned out to be cloudy but dry - the threat of thunderstorms coming to nothing - we were concerned that invoking the rain-date for Exile #4's birthday party would have proven to be an error. Let's see...

First we packed up the car. Fortunately it was only a small party with two of Exile #4's best friends and their families joining us at the beach. It didn't look like the fixings for a small party mind you!

As we approached the park we drove up the hill into a rain cloud and it was raining steadily. After ten minutes or so it stopped raining and we ventured out.

Soon despite the lowering skies, the kids were getting into the swing of the beach-party.

Gradually the skies started to clear,

and we had a very nice time - including an encore by the birthday cupcakes and a Exile-special group-shot!

As we ready to leave, the windscreen wipers came on and reminded us of our less-than-hopeful arrival,

and before long we were on our way home with a car full of happily exhausted kids.


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