Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 2.157: Storm force two

Although I avoided travel disruption and we missed out on the hail that affected several areas nearby when the storms came through yesterday, just the torrential rain seems to have finally done for this apple tree that has been leaning over significantly since the ice storm back in December.

Exile #2 and Exile #3 had cut some small branches and taken them out for collection earlier in the day and since she was keen Exile #3 helped me for another shift of removing-what-we-could. Soon I will need to bring the chainsaw to bear I think.

I made a couple of time-lapse videos - they're not very good, but give an idea of our achievements in the half-an-hour or so that we were working this evening. The picture shows what's left to remove - i.e. still most of the tree!

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