Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 2.151: Alas, no magic torch!

Friend and colleague Jamie came over after work to help me construct this swing-set in time for Exile #4's birthday tomorrow. Work and the desire for a surprise meant that we didn't get started until 7 pm. We got finished at about 10.30 pm. This picture does not do justice for how dark it is in our back yard at that time of night. We did the late detailed work in the garage and only the final couple of fixings had to be done out the back in the dark.

I promised to thank him with beer - and it occurred to me that we might also get something to eat after we were done, but Exile #2 returned with Exile #3 from the school graduation ceremony some time before we were finished, so on our triumphant completion we had a weary beer in the kitchen and called it a night. I hope the kids like it!

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