Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 2.195: Fire, earth, water

It's been a harrowing week. Not because of any turmoil at home or at work, nor because of incidents like the deafening crack of thunder that made us think the house was falling down a couple of hours ago. No, because we have been watching Torchwood: Children of Earth on BBC America - a significant improvement on early experiences of the channel. I like it when a show like that has a bit of ambition, and there was no shortage in this 5-part miniseries. Altogether rather good - but not exactly light entertainment.

So, in order to turn the corner - here are some pictures of our aquarium trip from nearly two weeks ago that I uploaded to Flickr. I think that they're more 'Flickr' than 'Exile' because I like them as photos, but they don't particularly tell our story. I hope you don't mind my online worlds colliding for one day.

Penguin vision
Sea lion show
Photographing the belugas

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