Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 2.180: It's left/right brain...

When I first saw an advert for Radio and Juliet, I emailed it to Exile #2 with the words 'must be a no-brainer'. Today we went back to Jacob's Pillow by way of a birthday treat to see some more contemporary dance. This time it was, as the BMW advert has it, a decidedly left-brain/right-brain production Orbo Novo which is based on a book describing a brain scientist's experience of her own stroke. Nothing about the inspiration here, but if you have the time this three minute video will give you some idea of the extraordinary dancing we saw this evening.

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui - Orbo Novo process from Caleb Custer on Vimeo.

Just before the wonderful and mind-bending performance, we visited the store where we saw Radiohead CDs alongside ballet DVDs - not their normal location I imagine.

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