Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 4.093: Kids these days

I read a post with this name by local uber-blogger Kristi Gustafson earlier today. She was discussing teenage odd-job wage rates - something that has been an issue for us as far as babysitting is concerned. It looks like we have been getting it about right!

What reminded me of that this evening was my Dad (who arrived safe-but-tired yesterday evening with my Mum) who, while reflecting on how I always seemed to be able to do technical things that baffled him remembered something he had heard earlier in the day and said "Is it true that you had to ask [E5N1] how he had done something?" and yes indeed it was true. He loves "drawing on the computer" which fortunately means using my tablet and GIMP to do digital artwork rather than taking a permanent marker to the LCD screen (that's another story) - and he has on several occasions invoked some option I've never seen to produce some striking effects. Usually these works are very short-lived but I have saved a few (not necessarily the best) and you can see three of them below.

I realise it's not high-art, but he's certainly getting the hang of the medium.

P.S. E5N1's other big high-tech love was commemorated by the lovely folks at All Over Albany who linked to Exile #2's home-made Angry Birds birthday cake in their "What's up in the Neighborhood" post today.  A fine choice - thanks guys!

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