Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 4.088: The fourth was with him

Happy Birthday to E5N1 who turned four today.  We started the day with some very enthusiastic present opening.

Then the girls went off to school and we were joined by another dozen pre-schoolers for the birthday party. It was an energetic affair and did include cake although I'll save that for another day since I have exclusive facebook content (for the first time) and it is on that subject.

However, I will share this set of photos showing the downfall of the Death Star Piñata. It worked out pretty well.

This evening we played some Rock Band with friends. We realised that it was a fitting tribute to this day four years ago when Exile #2 was attempting to play Guitar Hero between contractions during the afternoon. E5N1 was born exactly four years ago now (11.55 pm).

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