Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 4.103: Cans scan (hist'ry)

We've been back for two days now. Today started out rather rainy and we decided to spend a couple of hours at the State Museum. In particular, we went to see the Canstruction event on he 4th floor.  We took five cans to vote with - Exile #2 and I allowed the other generations to participate on our behalf  - It was just as well perhaps as my favourite was probably the iPod which was not part of the competition.

After a look at each one in turn, five cans were deposited as follows:
One for the airplane
Two for Angry Birds
One for Nemo and
One for green power.

It's a small fun exhibition in a good cause and definitely worth a short visit.

It's a rather obscure reference today for pop pun 119 for title watchers  - nothing new can tell you how old you are, or what's canned.


  1. Obscure, more like unheard of outside Bristol! Took me a while this one...did they have a CAT scanner? Perhaps you flew round the exhibition too quickly to notice the blue aeroplane either?


  2. Congratulations. Gold star to you. If you ended up on LyricWiki you found the help I left there for you specially. If not, your skills are stronger than mine. I was quite pleased that my Dad chose that particular canstruction as his favourite.

  3. No, not seen LyricWiki before - now I know your secret though!

    I didn't see any comments?


  4. I posted the lyrics there having written this post since I found the Internet otherwise deficient. It was new to me too.


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