Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 4.109: It's...a wedding

I got home rather late with our house-guest last night, but I had been informed that the girls had decided that we had to get up to watch Will & Kate's wedding ceremony at 6 am. So we did. While we were watching we had to remind the kids that our guest was asleep in the other downstairs room in our rather open-plan house. They did very well.

Right at the end when it was time for the girls to go out for the bus and for the rest of us to start our days too, E5N1 forgot and ran into the other room to find our guest having just woken up.

He didn't say "Hi!" to her - he ran back out of the room and shouted, "It's wake-ed up"!"

Welcome to our home.

When I got back this evening from the first day of the conference - also rather late - I found these commemorative craft projects.

Exile #3 made the happy couple:

Exile #4 concentrated on the new princess:

And E5N1...made this:


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