Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 4.085: "What is the Internet?"

Photo by Flickr user vernhart

I had the day off work today to finish off (for which read start, work through and finish off) an assignment to do a page for the school yearbook. I finished it at about 9.30pm.

But it wasn't quite an all-day effort. At dinner time we decided to make use of a kids-eat-free promotion at Chili's. We loaded the kids into the van and I reversed it out of the garage. Something felt quite wrong, then I noticed the tire-pressure warning indicator and realised that we had a very flat tire*. So, we piled into the little car and went out for dinner. As we were leaving the 'food-house' (as E5N1 calls restaurants), Exile #3 was asking why the Blockbuster Video next door had closed down. I listed a variety of reasons for why people don't really rent videos from stores anymore ending with '...and some people download movies from the Internet.'

"What's the Internet?" chimed in E5N1. I was just formulating an answer suitable for an about-to-be-four-year-old when it became clear it was a rhetorical question.

"It's just a black box with a flashing light on it," he continued.

After a short pause we realised what he was referring to - something we'd watched several months ago - on YouTube of course - and then we started laughing.

Viewer discretion is advised for mild violence etc. in the second half. Even the youngest and most squeamish can safely watch until the 'talk' starts. Enjoy!

* Yes I usually write in British English here and so it should be 'tyre' but seeing as it is an American tire bought in the USA I'm sticking with 'tire'. So there.

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  1. ah I was just about to hastily add ....You have been in exile too long.... or else you may have been too tired ..."tyre" .... then I spotted your addition.


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