Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 4.102: Erie, Ontario and home

Yesterday we said goodbye to Lake Erie and to Pennsylvania and started our journey home.  We were accompanied on the way by the BFG on audio-book which was met with a variety of age-appropriate reactions from everyone in the car.

Our first destination was not as far as home - it was to a city on another of the Great Lakes (not that we actually saw Lake Ontario as I recall) - Rochester NY.  We visited the National Museum of Play which was enormous and wonderful and overwhelming and peaceful and loud and busy and deserted - all depending on which section you are describing.  Our overall reaction - we need to go back and investigate more fully!

By the way, Exile #4 turned out to be a natural at Caterpillar but could not get the hang of Asteroids at all.

From there we drove home to find the place still standing and the fish still alive and ourselves very tired indeed.

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