Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day 134: Polluting the environment

One of my new colleagues pointed out to me that this improvised ash tray had caught on fire the other day. I would imagine that hanging around downwind of it might give you a fair nicotine kick. You'll be happy to know that he put it out with a cup of water after I took this.

However, the real pollution news of the day is that I have bought a car (or started the process at least). I'll save the unveiling for when we collect it, but it was a straightforward if not entirely stress-free process. I have also now managed to set up a currency transfer account so that I can transfer some funds from the UK, hopefully at a good exchange rate, so things are slowly coming together.

Tomorrow's jobs include car insurance, another car, more documentation for the house purchase...

Exile #2's parents are in the country and will be arriving here tomorrow. It will be the first meeting for E5N1 of course and it has been a long time for the girls too. Will they resist "Haven't you grown!"? I'll let you know tomorrow.
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