Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 243: The state we're in

This is a picture (created with autostitch) from the top of Mount Philo in Vermont from Day 236 - we drove up this one and walked about 100 yards to get this view. It was stunning, but nowhere near as satisfying as walking up Mt Baker to get those views. The state we're now in (New York - in case you have never noticed the blog title) is on the right beyond the body of water - the marvellously named Lake Champlain - I wonder if they make splarkling wine there?

Today was back to work/school day. Exile #3 went off on the bus quite content. When I dropped Exile #4 off, she happily went through the scrum of concerned parents and carers at the classroom door and got on with her morning. I caught the teacher's eye and then left the others to it. The only problem was that although Exile #2 was going to (and did!) pick her up at 12.15 pm, she was supposed to have lunch at 11.45 am. We didn't send her with any. Oops. Apparently they found her some crackers and she was fine about it.

Exile #2 and I managed to sneak out to the pool together this evening. It wasn't exactly a date-night (as leaving your children with a babysitter and going out with your spouse is known here) but it was very nice to get out for an hour or so.
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