Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 248: Letter S

Started strongly.

Striding out confidently, we left our vehicle and took the trail to this waterfall.

Series of cascades would be a better term I suppose - either way it was extremely pretty.

Surrounding the falls were woods through which the trail climbed to the top of the falls.

Several large holes in the wooden structures made our crossings of the two bridges slightly uncomfortable with two small walkers.

Serious consideration was given to following a side-trail to 'The Beach' - Exile #3 was very keen, but Exile #2 decided that a walk of unknown length without food was likely to end in grumpy children and unhappy parents.

Sirens greeted our return to the road somewhere above where we left the car - they were very loud and reflecting intriguingly off nearby hills or so we suppose.

Steep descent down the road provided views of some very well kept lawns - we'd also seen what looked just like a village cricket pitch on the way - had we ventured to England without realising?

So glad we didn't take the beach path - it would have more than doubled our total walk - we had a really nice time and we will go back - thanks to T & J for the tip-off.

Saw an interesting junction on the way - the street names read: (on the right) "Lower Letter S" and (on the left) "Upper Letter S" - I wonder why they're called that?

Strange country.
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