Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 247: No flies on me

The working week came to a frustrating end with networking problems, but it meant I left there early enough to start the weekend with a family meal this evening.

If the weather forecast is correct, tomorrow's maximum temperature will be lower than any since the first week in June. OK, it's not going to be exactly cold, but still, the hardware stores have put away their mowers and barbecues to make way for leaf rakes and snow throwers. We now have a full tank of oil ready for the central-heating switch-on and this evening we have ordered a grate and a hopefully child-proof guard for our fireplace. Autumnal evenings here we come. Is the American for autumnal 'fallic'? No I thought not.

This dragonfly was extremely friendly, landing on several of us as we arrived at the empty beach on Day 236. Exile #2's shirt was a particularly coordinated choice for it.
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