Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 238: Last chance to buy

Today, we had some serious shopping and sorting out to do before we send Exile #3 on the school bus tomorrow. We ended up joining the last-minute crowds at the shoe store where we bought her three sets of footwear (and one for Exile #4). The lady in front of me at a toy shop where we bought a present for a birthday party on Saturday was saying "why would people leave it until today to buy shoes?", I confessed to being one, but pointed out that we'd been busy enjoying summer (I didn't mention that kids feet are liable to grow a size between the end of August and the start of school). Exile #2 also had an outing to buy gym kit and lunch-box items. The road-trip was great, but we have been left with a different kind of mountain to climb having got back home.

The picture is evidence of the beach-to-ourselves experience from Day 236. Solution to the mystery picture coming soon - get your entries in!
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  1. Hi [deleted] ... so this is your hangout in blogworld?

  2. Sure is, but don't blow my cover!


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