Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 3.146: A birthday and a half

What I didn't tell you yesterday was that Exile #2 had swanned off with her 'MOPS friends' to a retreat leaving me with the three children. Last time this happened, I managed to lose the kids as a friend kindly reminded me yesterday - whether her reminder was related to the fact that she was calling to arrange to leave her daughter in my care for part of the day today is an unanswered question.

The main event was a six-and-a-halfth birthday party for one of Exile #4's classmates. She hadn't had a party back on her birthday - so, well any excuse right? Apart from the interval since her birth it was a very traditional affair with gifts and pizza, cake and singing...and fairground rides.

We had a great time - I did not lose my kids or anyone else's and Exile #2 just beat us home - tired out from her MOPSing.

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