Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 3.169: Three happy campers

This morning I took all three kids up to the girls' (old) school for camp.  It seems they had a very good day and we are particularly pleased for E5N1 who has been in and out of the school since birth and is delighted to be able to attend (even if just for a week of camp).  He did really well by all accounts.  For the girls it's a bonus week with some of their friends - well stimulated and learning and having fun in a familiar environment - what's not to like?  The picture is from just after their happy return.

The reason for this off-loading of our parental responsibilities is that we are having an intensive few days of tidying the house ready to put it on the market.  The future is still uncertain for us, but we can wait no longer to get moving on the default plan which is to return to the UK in August.

Our first task was to tackle the basement - it needed a major tidy up and a clean so that it could be used as a temporary storage place to allow the de-cluttering of the rest of the house.

As well as reorganising and cleaning, we disposed of a few items at the local dump.  After putting the metal items in their allotted space, we were instructed to put the rest of the things 'on the conveyor belt'.

As we arrived, a large CRT TV was arriving at the top and then plummetted into the skip below with a gratifying crash.  None of our items were quite so dramatic, but that didn't stop me doing my best to capture some drama with my phone camera.

Anyway, the day was quite successful:

(The drawings predate us and the drums are E5N1 size)

We celebrated by watching Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of Romeo and Juliet this evening after the kids were in bed.  I really loved it all over again - it's so full of energy and raw emotions.  The guy who wrote the play is one to watch out for I think.


  1. If you go back, could you see if the CRT TV is still there? The kids would be pleased.

  2. Based on the satisfying 'bang' it made, I think they might be disappointed if we recovered it.

  3. If I remember correctly, Tobermory solved that problem on The Wombles by crawling inside the television himself to present the news etc...Can't do that with these new-fangled flat screen TVs.


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