Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 3.166: Episode 12b: How to recognise different birds from quite a long way away

No.1 The Blue Heron (top left) as it came into view at our final vantage point mouth open - looking hungry!

No.1 The Blue Heron (top right) the best of a bad lot of shots I got of it in flight.

No.2 The Eastern Kingbird (mid left) on a high branch.

No.1 The Blue Heron (centre) with a small fish in its beak.

No.1 The Blue Heron (mid right) in classic pose.

No.3 The Song Sparrow (mid right) is that a larch it's perched in?!

No.1 The Blue Heron (bottom right) a moment after the top left shot - probably the best photograph however.

No.2 The Eastern Kingbird (bottom left) and the reason for all this nonsense.  It would have been extremely difficult to get a positive identification of this bird without this photograph.  From where we were I couldn't have  picked out the white tips on the tail feathers - but with the 300mm lens and some diligent cropping, it can be seen quite clearly.

And now for something completely different.

Exile #3 spotted two hummingbirds on these, their favourite flowers, today  - no pictures of these birds yet, but I must get the feeder up tomorrow.  OK - it wasn't completely different, but you know that wasn't the point - right?  


  1. You took all of those? Neat.
    I love bird watching but I always feel like a dork admitting as much.
    There is a Heron that I often see in a marshy area on my way to work. Brightens my whole day when I catch a glimpse.

  2. Haha thanks - embrace your inner dork I say! Why deny yourself the dorkier pleasures in life?

  3. No.1 The Larch...The Larch


  4. less spotted dork.

    it's pretty cool to spot all the birds, but even cooler to spot a different one through each brick of an invisible wall.

  5. Even in our youth it was possible to watch the inner-workings of a milk-bottling plant through a round window in the wall of a (play) school. These days it's birds and invisible walls.


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