Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 5.334: More than he could chew

We had a pretty busy day which included (for one or more of us) a 13 mile run, a skating lesson, a game of Monopoly (Exile #4 declared the winner when we had to abandon), a work meeting around my dining table and a second visit to a new-to-us church.

Here is E5N1 making the most of his dessert.

But the title refers to this fellow, who I watched carrying this huge chunk of bread up into a tree, dropping it at least twice before finally stopping to tuck in.

We also saw one of his cousins a.k.a. public enemy number one - the chipmunk, filling his cheeks with seed scattered from our recently reinstated bird feeder.  If those birds don't learn to eat a bit more carefully, they may be disappointed to find the feeder empty once more.

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