Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 5.336: Christmas trees (and unicorns)

The main reason we drove to Pittsfield at the weekend was to see the Festival of Trees at the Berkshire Museum.  As we drove over there we were listening to some of our seasonal music.  Our "Christmas" playlist is comprised of Sufjan Steven's five volumes of Songs for Christmas along with his new 58 track Silver and Gold compilation, Sonos - December Songs, Tori Amos - Midwinter Graces, Putumayo's Family Christmas and Over The Rhine - Snow Angel.  Not exactly what they are playing on the 24 hour holiday music radio stations!

This track accompanied our traversal of the New York/Massachusetts border:

(it's 12 minutes, but once you get the idea you can read on).

Maybe if I'd read the theme of the Festival of Trees I'd have been a bit less surprised by the number of Christmas Unicorns we encountered in the museum:

I think there were probably more than these three!

Here are some of the trees in all their glory (including my favorite overall - the Alice in Wonderland one).

Although honorable mention goes to the hanging bat tree:

Here are some details from a few of them.  I loved the decorations on the Ben and Jerry tree and always happy to spot a chicken in a basket!

I was however a little disappointed that neither of the dentists who sponsored trees were corny enough to make the dentist-tree pun!


  1. Though those who listen through to seven and a half minutes will be richly rewarded. I've been enjoying this too.


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