Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 5.348: A happy traffic jam!

After our visit to the museum, we had some dinner at a packed El Loco, the colouring sheet that E5N1 was working on made me wonder how long before we can dissociate Mayans and the end of the world...

Dinner was good.  Only downsides for me were under-seasoned guacamole and expensive soda, but considering how amazingly full the place was, the service and food was (otherwise) great.

Anyway, it was just a precursor to our trip to the Capital Holiday Lights.  It was rather busier than our usual "Oh yes we should go - doesn't it end soon?" trips from recent years - so it was a long rolling traffic jam...

where gingerbread men tumbled over the cars:

polar bears roamed freely through the hills of Washington Park:

this non-animated display had Exile #3 suggesting that they should animate it by having the couple kiss and the snowflakes change to hearts!

but for some real romance, how about driving through the lights in a real horse-drawn carriage?

Well, someone did!

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