Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 5.343: Are you buying today?

That was E5N1's question to me when I told him I was leaving for work today.

The kids take a packed lunch to school. They pack them themselves the previous day. Except that once a week they are allowed to buy lunch (we send them with a check for $3 instead). This is popular for a variety of reasons - but mostly either the food or the not having to pack the lunch the previous day.

Anyway, when E5N1 (looking very nice in the shirt he'd chosen) asked me, I assumed he was checking up on whether I was exceeding my quota - perhaps because he'd seen me leaving without a packed lunch yesterday as well and I was a bit defensive.

It was only later I thought that he might have been looking out for me by saying, "Daddy, did you forget your lunch, or...?"

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