Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 5.054: Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation

We decided to return to the always successful Berkshire Museum today.  We were keen to see the Audubon exhibit and to renew our acquaintance with the regular collections including the ever-popular aquarium, but another thing caught our eye, the Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation.  The description looked great and we were fairly convinced we'd never been there even though it opened before we first visited the museum.

In fact, when we walked into it, we realised we had visited it before - probably briefly towards the end of one of our two previous visits.

This is some of what we got up to there:

E5N1 made a book cover - ready for some pages-when-we-get-home.  Exile #4 made this construction (inspired by Exile #2's creation in the bottom right).  She also made one of the strange models in the bottom left after I did the first one.

The pipe-cleaner creations were our contributions to the challenge to make everyday chores (such as making the bed, emptying the trash cans, doing the laundry...) easier.  I made a walking self-emptying trash can, Exile #4 made some nice sleeping bags and Exile #3 discovered elsewhere in the hall that someone had taken the idea of self-cleaning windows and applied it to fabric, so she made a pipe-cleaner bow tie (sorry no photo of that) and declared it to be made in that fabric.  No more laundry to be done, just put your best clothes on and walk in the sun.

We had a great time - we also enjoyed the rest of the museum and a cafe lunch, but those stories will have to wait for another day.

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