Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 5.063: Root beer and puppies

Today has been about as much like a spring day as you could imagine. A warm start, showers in the early-afternoon and a warm sunny dry late-afternoon and early-evening. When I got home to find all three of the kids playing in the front yard, E5N1 was rather confused - why are you here so early? Well I wasn't of course, but the sun was significantly higher in the sky than it was at dinner time last week.

"Come and see the rhubarb!" was his surprise follow-up.  It turned out that he had helped Exile #2 plant some and all there was to see was some dug-over earth.

I found out later that he had been referring to the rhubarb as 'root beer' all day, so it was impressive that he got it right for me - it would have been somewhat confusing if he'd summoned me to see the root beer and showed me a slightly damp patch of ground.

At dinner time we played the 'Who am I?' game - does anyone actually know a name for it? Exile #2 had come up with a lot of names to challenge us and it fell to me to select something for her.

Tonight, in a fit of extreme laziness, I emailed this photo to myself from my phone.  I tried to make the email subject "Pippi" but auto-correct had other ideas...as you might have worked out.

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