Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 5.059: We Might Be Tired...

...but at least it's for a fun reason.

Yesterday I posted a photo which was during the setup for this People vs Apes chanting match (set to music):

Which was a part of this:

Which was made possible by these:

(you can't beat the price!)

Jonathan Coulton could have been genetically engineered as the perfect TMBG support act - hard rocking with a geek-twist crowned by his most well known song.

As for They Might Be Giants - we had old songs (Birdhouse in Your Soul, Ana Ng, The Guitar), new songs (Can't Keep Johnny Down, When Will You Die?, Cloisonné), simple songs (Older), impossible songs (Fingertips), songs we knew well (Istanbul (not Constantinople)) and songs we didn't (The Mesopotamians, Withered Hope).  It was all very entertaining and satisfactory.

Today's job was explaining to the kids why "Adults Only" and "Free Tickets" are good enough explanations for why we went without them.


  1. Now I know why you guys were so secretive! I love Jonathan Coulton! My favorite song of his: Creepy Doll. I had no idea he did "Still Alive" :)

    1. Nice! He doesn't sing it in this one either but it takes sci-fi/Internet geek to the next level so I rather enjoyed it.


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