Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 5.055: I wonder what we're missing

One of the questions people ask expats is what they miss from 'home'.  In general, they don't mean friends and family - although that is of course the truth of the matter.  No, they want to hear that I crave warm beer or fish and chips in newspaper or something.

Of course, there are many excellent beers in this part of the world which I can choose to drink at any temperature of my choosing (generally meaning from the fridge, despite a basement that probably would serve it at an Englishman-approved cellar temperature) and fish and chips is a New England specialty - although I must confess it never quite lives up to the speciality of the land of my birth.

In fact, there is very little that I miss enough to do anything about it, but if I did, I have a new place I could visit.

The excellently named Brits 'R' US in Pittsfield MA.  We spotted it while we were eating lunch across the road thanks to its flag display and it turns out it is full of Double Deckers and pork pies.

We looked in the window - and then fled from temptation - but we may visit intentionally sometime to find out what it is we're missing.


  1. I would love to hear you opine on the fish & chips offerings around here... hell, I'll treat you if it means finding the most "authentic" in the area.

  2. An interesting challenge. I'll have to give it some thought.

    I might have to start with a visit to Bennington where Lil' Britain is, I understand, offering a very authentic product, then I could attempt to find the best of the more local establishments with my memory refreshed!

    I suspect it may be an unfair challenge - akin to complaining about US spelling and pronunciation since I think that the local establishments are probably aiming for some gold-standard from Boston or somewhere rather than one from Grimsby - but that wouldn't stop me :)

  3. The Local in Saratoga does a pretty good fish and chips, with malt vinegar and everything. It's perhaps a little too perfect, tho.

    1. Thanks for the tip - I'm not sure if I'm taking up B's challenge, but I'm definitely considering it!


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