Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 5.056: Marketplace Cafe live!

We arrived in Pittsfield a bit later than we intended on Sunday and walked straight up to the door of the museum. Exile #4 couldn't open it. She tried again. We glanced at the opening hours as someone came to the inside of the door and we realised that it didn't open until noon - another 40 minutes.

"Actually the sign is wrong.  We're opening at 11.30!", the employee reassured us.

No matter, we thought - we'll have an early lunch, so we wandered down the street where we stumbled upon this cute looking cafe.  It turned out to be rather excellent.

We settled down in the window seat, where Exile #2 found crayons and colouring books to keep the kids happy while the food was being prepared.

The girls had bagels, E5N1 had a croissant, they drank some delicious juice concoction.  I had a fantastic BLT and coffee and Exile #2 had a cappuccino and a brunch sandwich on GF bread.  Could it get any better?

...well, yes actually.  As we were getting ready to leave two young men struck up some live music.  E5N1 was very enthusiastic - although I managed to miss his best moments.

We left after two songs with no offence to the performers, but we had some flags to investigate across the street - and a museum to get to!

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