Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 6.241: Mine & his (craft)

It's fair to say that, despite our tech and geek cred, we're not really early-adopters in this household. So it is that I confess that we have just discovered Minecraft.

E5N1 has been experimenting with it for a week or so - on the iPad, but today in a bit of downtime while Exile #4 was at a birthday party and Exile #2 took Exile #3 out for some last minute back-to-school items, I sat down with him and with my phone entered one of his Minecraft worlds that he was exploring on the iPad.

Of course, I soon needed a challenge and set out to build a house. So, while he made lava rivers and tried to quench them with the traditional kind, I made a two-storey house.  E5N1 made some important contributions too once the structure was basically complete - some lighting for the dingy ground floor, some pictures and bookcases upstairs and - most important of all - a menagerie of creatures spawned in the top floor.  The animals eventually found their way out of the house (except for one cow that couldn't find the stairs) - the chickens were by far the quickest - and into the ocean (you can see them to the left of the top picture):

It's hardly impressive compared with the amazing things that people create in this game, but it was cool way to spend an hour or so!

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