Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 6.256: They Might Be Giants in Connecticut

This was the real reason we made the two-hours each-way trip to Hartford on Saturday.

The music of TMBG has been having something of an upsurge in popularity in the house of late. Towards the end of the school break E5N1 was cycling between the CDs of Join Us and Nanobots generally playing a single track over and over again during a day and then choosing a different one the next day - recently we've been allowed a little more variety each day.

In any case, it seemed that they were very much "now" for us and that we should make the effort to see them live again (last time was a kid's show back on Day 2.266).

Here are some images:

clockwise from top left:
Exile #3 and Exile #2 dancing to the pre-set music;
the top of the capital building which John Flansburgh pointed out looks like a guy in a hat after looking at it during a song that John Linnell was singing;
John in his stage gear;
John in his stage cardigan;
TMBG in full flow.

It was a great night - all five of us agreed that it had been a great choice to go.  The setlist is here for those who are interested by such things.

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