Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 6.249: All running and no play...

...makes this a dull blog. But I've got to play the hand I'm dealing myself...

For the last few weeks I've been running a little over 50 miles a week. This is how I do it:

(example data from the week before last)

  • I run five times a week. Sunday is a blessed lie-in without running or work to get up for!
  • In the week I start my runs early - before dawn these days.
  • I don't spend any time naming my 'activities'!
  • That Saturday was a marathon pace run (14 of the 18.5 miles at goal marathon pace) - I don't run most of my long runs that fast.
  • I get to consume more than 5000 extra calories without gaining weight!
The downsides are - not enough sleep, no time for reading and less energy for writing interesting blog posts.

The upsides are: I get to consume more than 5000 extra calories each week without gaining weight (did I mention that?), I'm getting a lot fitter and...oh yes...I hope to have a good marathon in a few weeks!

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