Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 6.257: New England - new conkers!

Remember my post about conkers from a couple of years ago? If not - go ahead and read it - it will only take you a minute!

We had never knowingly seen a horse-chestnut tree here in the US - until Saturday when we were waiting for the gig to start and Exile #3 brought these strange nuts she had found over. I'm pretty sure she remembered what they were but was not sure enough to call it.

But, sure enough, conkers they were. Exile #4 showed some good skills in breaking the shells open and a few other kids showed an interest due to their lead. In the UK, in a park like this, all the good conkers would be gone within minutes of falling if any children were close by.

We let them keep a couple each - maybe we'll have a game at the weekend!

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