Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 6.253: Watervliet Arsenal City Run (5K)

I ran my third (and the race's 32nd) Arsenal City Run in Watervliet this evening.

After some ideal running weather earlier in the week, the temperature peaked at around 80°F about an hour before the race started today. Here are some pictures of the festivities getting going (before I took my phone to the car):

It's a fast race - flat and straight (basically an out-and-back with a slight triangular shape). Two years ago it was won in 14:50 but today it was closer to normal for this race with mostly local entrants, with the winner coming in in a still-blistering 16:14. The results are here.

I ran significantly faster than my winning performance earlier in the summer but was in no danger of threatening the lead in this one!  Still, I ran a nice even pace and got the time I was looking for which is a good confidence boost as I approach the last three weeks before the marathon.

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