Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 6.245: Hands-free on the road

Here's a couple of things I've never done before with the phone in its holder attached to the windscreen.

1) Take a photograph (or two in fact - just a few seconds apart):

2) Get Siri to send an email.

This is what I ended up sending to Exile #2:

I'm planning on coming straight time without stopping should be. That at about 635

All so very clear!


  1. "Speaking" of Siri, did I ever mention that one of my college housemates now works at Nuance, the company that developed "her"? He & I had a world-famous $5 bet that I could(n't) get "my" PDP-1 to print 1 thru 10. :-)

  2. You're so ... funny! Bill had seen how many wires we had to cut when we separated its 6 racks so we could move it into our co-op. I tried connectorizing as many as I could, then labeling the others in the little time we had left (I had some help). Sadly, though I still have a few parts from it, I had to sell off the best part, the front panel, to pay the movers (Bill's brothers).


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