Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 2.287: The tails of two kitties

We took two cats and a spider to the party this evening. E5N1 has a different costume for Halloween, but this seemed a bit more practical for an indoor party.

The sun was just about out when I took this picture which is fairly miraculous because it has been raining all the rest of the day. It was rather heavy as we were driving home in the dark - a last sting in the tail of this front as it passes.

Talking of tails, Exile #2 made these (and Exile #3's ears) out of some old holey tights. She also suggested today's title pun. E5N1 still pronounces some 'c/k' sounds at the beginning of words as 't', so cookie is 'tookie'. I think that we really should teach him to call cats, 'cats,' before someone gets the wrong idea.

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