Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 2.294: Healthy Halloween!

Well, maybe 'healthy' is going a bit far, but despite my slowed-recovery malaise and sending two of the kids to bed dosed with pain-killers last night, we were all much better than expected today.

We carved pumpkins (rather last-minute in the end), made some Christmas decorations (traditional Halloween activity anyone?) and then the kids did a good job of trick-or-treating in the rain. E5N1 debuted his turtle costume made out of a leaky turkey roasting tin (and a smile - most of the time) and the girls reprised their cute kitties. Mind you - maybe next year we should be dressing them up as witches, devils and other foul fiends.

Later, we had a few visitors who were greeted first by the morning's craft project...

...and then by two excited cats - just as happy to be distributing goodies as they were to be receiving them earlier.

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