Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 2.278: Put the cake in the bin?

'Bin' is a problematic word for us here. In general to us it means 'trash can' although in context it has other meanings. Here it generally means storage box.

The other day E5N1 and his friend were tidying in the playroom after a playdate. An American adult was helping and handed something to E5N1 'to put in the bin' i.e. put it away in the appropriate toy box. He dutifully carried it off to the kitchen to throw it out.

Exile #2 was able to rescue it

Not that any of that explains in any way this parking-lot trash-can's fussy food habits. As famously happened (perhaps) during the reign of one Louis or another in France:

My queen, the McDonald's workers have cleaned up all the burger buns!
Why, then - let them discard cake!

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