Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 2.269: M

It's my 1000th post here at Exiles in New York.

News, pictures and amusing stories from today will have to wait. Instead I offer you this record of the last 1000 days (or so*). It's part of the fruit of my labours in tagging faces in Picasa 3.5. There are a couple of rogue faces in there, but but for the most part it's me me me!

* Full disclosure: there was no post on Day 14 and a few of these may have been taken in the couple of months preceding the Exile.


  1. Wow, what an amazingly consistent smile you have! I wonder if everyone's smile is so consisistenly similar or if it's peculiar to the Exile? Are there any biomechanic/human anthropologist type people out there who might know the answer?

    Thanks for all the posts! It is a great way of keeping in touch and I certainly enjoy reading them. It's become part of my morning routine on arriving at work; get changed, coffee, bbc website, exiles blog, email...


  2. LOL. Because we bloggers are nothing if not self-indulgent!

  3. Point of order, your honour!! There are two shots at 0:51 and 0:52 into your montage that definitely aren't you! (but I can spot a 'family resemblance'...)


  4. Yes - an easy mistake to make - for Picasa and musical instrument shop managers at least...


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