Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 2.272: Cars and boats

Exile #2 took this picture a week ago to mark an important milestone in E5N1's life - the day he drew his first recognisable object. Well, I say recognisable not because you could say what it is, but because she could - "Did you draw a car?" and indeed he had.

Now that the girls are back at school and so E5N1 has his 'Mom' to himself for some of the day, he is also showing a great love of books. Today, I arrived home to be greeted by him thrusting a book in my hands. His choice tonight was Boats on the River which he chose to take out of the library earlier this week. I then had to read it to him at least three times before we could go back to rejoin the rest of the girls' story time.

Cars and boats, drawing and books - every bit the boy, and growing up fast.

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