Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 2.292: Getting better

I've been feeling almost human for most of the day today. At some point I remembered that along with having the shakes, I was delirious on and off yesterday too. It's really hard to believe that I didn't have a fever, but the thermometer doesn't lie.

Anyway, today was much better - I didn't attempt to work except for a very brief on-line conversation. I don't think I was really up to it, but I hope to be able to work tomorrow - I'll stay at home though, I really don't want to give this to anyone else. So far, the rest of the family is doing OK - I hope that continues too.

I spent part of the day playing Assassin's Creed - it's ages since I spent any time playing that sort of Xbox game. I gave up on that particular one a long time ago, unusually for me, leaving it only partly complete. I think it didn't completely make sense to me until I sat down with it today - maybe it needed a partially absent mind to let me in. I also made it outside briefly as you can tell - I even felt well enough to try to get a picture worth posting here.

This evening Exile #2 and I watched Lars and the Real Girl after I happened upon it while channel-surfing earlier in the day. I thought it was great - a real surprise and recommended to anyone with a heart - although an experience of living through a northern winter might help too.

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