Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 2.289: H1N-wan

Her own styleExile #3 was out in the front yard in this fantastic outfit yesterday - causing a few double-takes from passers-by. She may have been looking out of place and a little pale, but considering that, of her eighteen class mates, only six were at school today - we should probably be happy she is on her feet at all. Apparently one of the absentees - who was also at the party on Saturday - 'has H1N1'. No direct word on the symptoms or condition of the other eleven. Not to worry - in the next few months they will all be able to vaccinated as supplies become available.

I'm inclined not to be too worried, but even if we get the normal fairly mild symptoms, the thought of the whole family coming down with flu is not exactly filling me with joy this evening.

Everyone is fairly healthy going to bed tonight - long may it continue!

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