Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 2.280: Going up & my estimation

A few images from our visit to the school Fall Festival:
  • Exile #3 conquered the climbing wall four times.
  • E5N1 played some soccer with one of the big kids.
  • Some lovely Indian-dance story-telling.
  • The huge pot of candy corn I won by guessing the number of them (I guessed 1495 - real answer 1413).
  • The cake Exile #4 won in the cake-walk.
  • The girls enjoying some of the cake at tea time and Exile #2 missing out.
We had a really good day with much fun besides these things - walking the school trails with their architect (me), bouncing on the bouncy-bounce (Exile #4 and E5N1), retreating from the bouncy-bounce when the power temporarily went off (Exile #4), buying five tickets and winning four items in the tombola (Exile #3).


  1. I have here the rules to the "Candy Count Contest" in the "Guide to the Festival" leaflet:

    "The closest guess without going over wins the whole jar!"

    I think you have someone else's candy.

  2. Where were you when the winners were announced? I would happily have surrendered it - as you know!

    Having said that, there must have been a late rule change - the rule as laid out on the spot was just closest-guess.


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