Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 2.282: Please tidy up...

Girls - did you tidy up the playroom like I asked?

Did you put everything away?

OK good. Where is your brother?

That didn't happen. Exile #3 was off school today after throwing up this morning. She has been fine all day since then, so we can hope to get back to normal tomorrow. Having said that, Exile #4 was just complaining of an earache, so - maybe not.


  1. What a shame you made it up!!
    Hope illness does not bother you all too much.

  2. No - he put himself in the box. He also managed to climb out without falling over - much to the surprise of his Dad who was poised to catch it with his camera!

    Both girls at school today - fingers crossed...

  3. Ohh! Such a sight can certainly be seen in our house too!


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