Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2.285: Hands down winner

The raking season is currently in full-swing and with the wind getting up tonight, even more leaves will be falling. Exile #4 was commenting to me yesterday that a lot of the leaves on the driveway were brown - she said they were mouldy and wouldn't be persuaded otherwise.

Many of the leaves that have fallen so far in our yard are from the maple trees - and they seem to hold on to their autumn colours much more effectively than most - even when piled by the side of the road. Exile #4 found these this morning and then noticed the likeness in her gloves.

Today the temperature got up to 70 °F - quite a shock after the cold weather of the last couple of weeks. Tomorrow's high is predicted to be 46 °F - it certainly pays to keep an eye on the forecast at this time of year.

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