Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 2.277: E5N1X4300

Since a couple of you accused me of narcissism and suspected a large amount of work had been involved in my 1000th post last week, I thought I would repeat the very simple task for another family member. Since Exile #2 said, "You'd better never make one of those of me!" I thought I would do one of the kids and because I know he has some fans out there and the last two years and 277 days have been his story in many ways even though he didn't make an appearance until Day 88 - here is E5N1.

It turned out that between us Picasa and I have tagged him in something over 4300 photos. It took Picasa a long time to process them all into a movie, but once again - almost no effort from me (except staying awake to post this once it's done). I hope you like the soundtrack too - who knew this existed?!


  1. Fantastic!!! I'm sure he'll look forward to you showing that to his first girlriend...


  2. Wow! That mud(?!, around 30s in) looked tasty!!


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