Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 2.270: Surprise? Surprise!

These pizzas were not only square, but gluten-free (for Exile #2) and cow-dairy-free (for me). Does that surprise you?


Yesterday, Exile #2 and I were looking at a very nice article on Time's website about doctored photographs around the kids' bedtime. Exile #4 wandered over to see what we were talking about. We were looking at this one in which two female cabinet members had been replaced by their male colleagues. The original is here. We started to describe how in some places, at some times, women have not been considered as important as men..."Oh, that doesn't surprise me!" she said.

She went on to surprise us when looking at this picture, completely oblivious to any historical or symbolic impact it may have, she said about the man in the middle, "That looks like [teacher's name] - but he doesn't have a moustache."


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