Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 2.275: Out with the old, out with the new

Just as we are coming to terms with summer being over, the growing season officially ending (yesterday apparently), and are starting to enjoy the pleasures of fall/autumn (this was the first leaf-fight of the season) - here comes winter.

Last night we had a fairly hard frost overnight and today the five-day forecast contains three mentions of snow. Some of these things are related - the end of the growing season came about due to the frost. As Exile #2 just put it, "If you haven't done something about your growing plants by now, they're dead." As for snow, you may be wondering if I am exaggerating - see below for the evidence.

Exile #4 was spectacularly sick last night, so we had a rather disrupted sleep. In the excitement, someone must have disturbed the tooth-fairy coming to visit Exile #3 - hopefully the exchange of fallen tooth for cash will be completed successfully tonight.

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