Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 2.363: I'm older than I've ever been

In celebration of my birthday, here is a picture showcasing two of my gifts - the lens that took it and the tiny remote control in my hand that meant I did not need a timer to take this self portrait.  I had a good day - presents and cards with the kids helping me unwrap and read, breakfast, purchasing doughnuts to take to work, lunch out with colleagues, birthday cake with the kids and dinner with Albaniana and The Man (followed by a bit of Beatles Rock Band).  I did some work in some of the gaps implied by commas.

I also inflicted some of CD1 of the two-CD compilation I received as a gift today on various colleagues.  It includes this song,  Yes, it's pop pun 108 for title watchers - and now I'm even older and now I'm older still.


  1. Happy Birthday! Sorry we missed the day itself, but Time is Marching On. Me thinks a reference to those who may possibly have excessive vertical growth?


  2. After A&N's comment, I thought I should say that they might be correct.

  3. that's a simply dreadful picture - what software did you use to make yourself look so old ;-)

    is the answer 'when i'm 64 by the beatles'

    [runs in opposite direction to avoid being punched]

  4. So happy you noticed. The software is getting more convincing now isn't it - previous attempt here

    Did you run south-west? If so you may have added a few all-important feet (metres) to the 9000 mile head-start you already had!


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