Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 3.015: There! Snow! Snow!

It has been a fairly miserable day - the temperature peaked at an astounding 56 °F but it rained pretty much all day. By the end of the week, the daytime maximum is expected to be back to ten degrees below freezing, but that is of no comfort to the winter sports fans who have a bleak week ahead unless we get another decent fall of snow.

As you can probably make out, our yard is mostly snow-free (including the table on the deck - although it's very wet right now) The remaining snow being in the shovel-piles and the kids sculptures. Exile #4's snow-girl is more like a snow-cup or a snow-hand (depending on the angle) and Exile #3's snow-dog is coming over a bit Henry Moore.

The temperature is not expected to go back below freezing until tomorrow night, so the rest could potentially be gone by then but then by Thursday, snow is back in the forecast - not a lot, but maybe enough to brighten the place up again after this soggy interlude.

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